Free-Lance Writing Services





Blogging is time-consuming and constantly requires fresh

ideas. Let SiMMs develop the content for your blogs. We

can provide blogs for any content type.  Allow us to do the

research and development of your blogs so you can focus

on other aspects of your business. 



Pricing is on a monthly basis (price includes research for blog article, 800 - 1,000 word article, one to three images with article).

Monthly Pricing

$60/ 2 blogs per month

$120/ 4 blogs per month

$180/ 6 blogs per month

$240/ 8 blogs per month


Search engines love new content, and as a result, blogging is a great search engine optimization (SEO) tool.


Blog posts can keep your customers and clients up-to-date on what's going on, let them know about new deals, and provide tips. The more frequently you post useful content, the more often a customer visits your blog, and the more likely they are to spend money.


Blogging allows people the opportunity to comment on what you know - your area of expertise - and interact with you.  This helps build relationships with your audience.


In the long run, if it's a product or service you're trying to sell, blogging can help generate your income.