Free-Lance Writing Services


Welcome to our freelance services which include blogging, Facebook content creation, and editing.  If you are a business owner who does not have time to blog or create content, don't know how, or don't have the passion for writing, let our team of writers help.  We will do the work to set your blog site and Facebook up to be an indisputable expert in your field. We can definitely handle the heavy lifting for you.

If you are comfortable preparing your own content but just need a good editor, we can also handle that for you.  Let our expert team of editors take the guesswork out of what you post by editing it for you to ensure that it is articulated in the best interest of your business.  We use AP-style guidelines.


Monthly Blog Posts 

All blog pricing includes research, writing 800 - 1,000 word, article, editing, one to three images

$60/ 2 blogs per month

$120/ 4 blogs per month

$180/ 6 blogs per month

$240/ 8 blogs per month

Monthly Facebook Content Creation

$150/per month = Creating and editing daily Facebook posts (Monday thru Friday) for your business 

Monthly Editing 

$225/per month = Unlimited editing of blogs, websites, Facebook, newsletters, emails

$160/per month = Unlimited editing of any two (blogs, websites, Facebook, newsletters, emails)

$100/Per month = Unlimited editing of only one (blogs, websites, Facebook, newsletters, emails)

One-Time/Special Editing Project 

In addition to proofing for grammatical errors and spelling, will also be proofing for the general flow of content and will recommend changes as needed.

.06 cent per word / Editing and Proofreading

.10 cent per word / Editing, Proofreading, and Feedback on the flow of content

.15 cent per word / Editing, Proofreading, flow check of content, and formatting for book

*Prices can be modified for customized services. Let's discuss your needs.