Virtual and Personal Assistant Services

Whether you own your own business or is just a busy individual who needs more hands or time in their day, let us help:

Do you need help organizing?

Are you too busy to do it all by yourself?

Do you have an elderly loved one that could use some assistance?

Are you a caregiver to a loved one and could use some assistance? 

Are you self-employed and could use another pair of hands?        



SiMMs Virtual and Personal Assistant Service can be on its way to providing you with the services you need.  Services include (but are not limited to):

Running Errands - This can include grocery shopping, picking up and delivering dry cleaning, shopping for special occasions; prescription pickup; post office/mailing. 

Making travel arrangements - This can include making business or leisure travel arrangements via purchasing travel tickets, reserving hotel room and rental car.  This can be done virtually.

Managing your calendar/schedule appointments - Can schedule appointments/cancel as needed and manage calendar of appointments I've created.  This can be done virtually.  

Returning phone calls/email messages - Client can provide a list of calls that need to be returned or emails that need to be responded to.  This can be done virtually.

Balancing bank statements/facilitating payment of bills - This will involve client making available all receipts and purchases made, as well as last bank statements to cross reference information.  

Planning/Coordinating events - This can include planning and/or coordinating dinner parties, weddings, receptions, birthday parties, etc. (additional charges may apply based on variety of services rendered or contracted)

Conducting research - This can include any type of research client needs but is not able or does not have the time to do themselves (housing needs, travel prices, searching for new physicians, etc.)

Miscellaneous - This can include creating holiday mailing lists, sending out holiday cards, etc.


Contact us if you would be interested in receiving any of the services listed here.  If there is something outside of the scope of the list, we can discuss.  Include your name and the type of service need(s) in the message block.