Virtual Assistant Services





Our administrative support allows business owners to refrain from having to do the tactical tasks that come with the day to day, and allows them to focus on the big picture for the company.  Leave the day to day tasks to us.  Contact us for a free consultation.  Our administrative support package includes but is not limited to:


Pricing is on a 30-day rotation*

Monthly Pricing

$200/month for 10 hours [$20/hour]

$380/month for 20 hours [$19/hour]

$720/month for 40 hours [$18/hour]

$1,020/month for 60 hours [$17/hour]

$1,280/month for 80 hours [$16/hour]

$1,500/month for 100 hours [$15/hour]

*Tasks would need to be completed within a 30-day period.  Tasks could include all of the functions listed above, a combination of any of the functions listed, or one single task.


Email Management

filtering emails with labels, folders and category; spam management, sending email newsletters, checking emails, updating contacts and chat support etc.

Customer Service

handling inbound and outbound calls, billing and payment inquiries, respond to other inquiries, problem solve, etc.

Data Entry

completing spreadsheets or databases, organizing data, etc.

Document Management

managing MS Office documents, from writing letters to creating powerpoint presentations, etc.

Calendar Management

organizing calendar, appointment reminders/ scheduling appointments, calculating travel costs, checking flight schedules, booking train/plane/bus tickets for your travels, finding the best places to stay, making hotel bookings etc.

Bookkeeping/ Invoices

includes handling invoices, collecting payments, tracking expenses, etc.


researching the web, gathering and assembling data, interpreting data, etc.

Event Planning

handling event details, registration, logistics, etc.


Excellent help with my problem.

Readily understood my issues and presented  a resolution.

Listened carefully to what my concerns were and responded to those concerns.